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Hey guys this is episode 65 of modern minecraft this is feed the beast affinity evolve so last episode we managed to make ourselves some nano armor and she's currently at home on charge because it takes a whole million of Blum in charge of stuff but yeah so anyway the project power source actually went out of lava so we're currently in the lava world which is quite extreme check it out it it did that whole section by itself like literally and had a little bit of a mob problem as you can see like I went nuts with torches and then I've move already moved it over to this area here so it's got I just I'm really surprised how long it took to just do that now remember it's deep check this out check this out well hang on I aunt will keep going down so check this out it's all this stone that we r DN through right now a cobble and / stone was laugh or sources all of it that is right it's freakin extreme so this as I was saying originally this I knew this lavallette lava world was really really deep blue that holy bloomin smokes that is freakin crazy so you can keep digging but I think you go right out of the void like like literally snow bedrocks I gotta be real careful how much jet pack / left oh come on you've got to hit it up there we go hit it there you go the bottom we are we're in the void so let's fly back up but there you go i was not kidding that's an entire world that deep of pure lava so it's done a lot of power so eventually we're gonna have to move that over and over and yeah but we've got literally unlimited spots takes five minutes to move and it runs probably for a good day before a day or two real life while Dale to real life world chunk chunks loaded in it to do all this damage I was just it was really curious and I was really curious to see how long it would take it's really disappointed to not see the lava generators stretch out more to be honest to it that's that its limit that's the the ender pump yeah it's that's the limit of its true its capability but that's ok that's ok I was really cute moved over anyway I just thought I'd catch you guys up on that and it looks like so it's probably about it just over 24 hour before you have to move it every single time which is not bad not bad at all alright so let's head on downstairs real quick and put in our noise shiny new Blue Man armor that we've spent a butt ton last episode putting together now she is plugged currently in 2a or which is currently one beyond but thanks to the bloomin lemon freaking thing here but his power it's plugged into an ultimate hybrid solar panel I had to borrow this while technically venom come over and she put this down for me because I had trouble finding out what what charged this sucker because I had no bloomin clue what charged it but there we go we now are decked out look at that in nano ama that will out sorry I know it's not the best stuff in the game like there's so many Morty's above what we've got now but we've got frickin armor like I really just...